why is time management important?

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  • I am working with Marcus Campbell and he teaches how to use Blue Host. I would like to do the same. Thank you, Rachelle

  • Trying to come up with conten my site is falling very short of the vision I have for it. I have only been into all this for almost A year. Also I would like to brand myself and start building my list bigger.

  • Time is something you can’t get back. The better you are at managing your time the more you will get done in a 24 hour day.

  • In our line of business (Internet Marketing) we get ourself thinned out between watching training videos, making videos, webinars, working on our websites, learning apps like Artisteer, checking email, chatting with others students and helping each other on Skype, facebook. By the end of the day, we look back and ask ourselves, what did we accomplish today. – not much!
    And worse yet, you find the spouse mad at you for not getting to the honey due list as promised.

    To get control of the chaos you must manage your time has if you were back in school. One hour for this and another for that and so on. And don’t forget the honey due list. And you know what, managing your time, you might be able to take in a movie with the spouse.

  • Enjoy what you’re doing during the time you spend – and planning for and achieving goals is crucial to that enjoyment … so manage to spend your time wisely.

  • time is irreplaceable and being a care giver for two family members takes a lot of time away for myself. Need to learn a better plan and stop juggling time

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  • Time management is important so we don’t get burned out trying to do too much at the same time. Set goals for each day and what you don’t get done today, put on the list for tomorrow. My problem is I have too many lists I’m trying to work on at the same time. You might say I’m an over achiever! But, when I limit my daily list, I can usually get everything done in the day.

  • While I am getting ready for work this morning, I am going to listen to a webinar of Marcus.

    Get to work a little early (never know how traffic is). My top highest value task for today is to decide on a niche for the blog that Marcus will be doing for me. Then sending that information to Marcus along with anything else he may need to get started on his end.

    Then I will spend time today watching the training videos.

    (I just bought Marcus program yesterday afternoon).

    The question that Marcus asked today, we should be required to answer it every morning. We all would really stay on track to making great headway and money.

  • I am also a member of Marcus Training. My best effort would be to think like Marcus does to promote his product / services as AM. This is not easy, but Marcus is helping me personally to improve and start a consistent daily income.

    Thanks Marcus

  • if your not sure ,you waist a lot of time ,

  • There is only one reason why time management is so important for me. I could not buy time

  • Marcus is the man. Excellent training and very helpful. He truly wants to help us succeed. I didn’t feel that way with many marketers who just wanted to sell you something.

    Well Done Matcus

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