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How To Start A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Blog - Step By Step...

step1Step One: Find Your Niche Market

while other programs, courses and so called mentors will teach you to go for your passion or go for markets that have "money" like weight loss, credit cards, or how to make money... i teach internet marketing a different way... a way where you do not have to deal with competition. a method where you can simply help people out who need help online...

much in the same way i am helping you learn to blog for profit... you can teach others how to lower credit card bills, print forms online, find helpful bible verses or inspirational sayings... and you can profit BIGTIME...


YES... these are all markets that i have tackled at one point or another and actually made profit...

So instead of going for what you think people want... or what other marketers are fighting over... what i teach is how to use my trigger word method to help you profit online

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Step Two: Get Your Domain Name:

After you have found a niche using the trigger word method... you will want to get a domain name that closely matches your main keyword... for example... if you found something like download youtube videos... you would get, .net, or .org.

To Search For Your Domain Name
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Step Three: Design Your Site:

After you have gotten your web hosting, and domain name, you will want to set up your wordpress blog... this is free with your web hosting account and only takes a few minutes to set up...

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You Can Add Custom Themes To Your New WordPress Blog To Make It Look Nice And Custom Plugins To Make It Operate Properly And Earn Money.

Next You Will Want To Add Some Content

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step4Step Four: Getting Paid

Now its time to add affiliate programs and offers to your blog that get you paid.

This is a lot easier than the other guys make out... for example... if your niche is bible verses... you can send your visitors to the bible toolbar offer and get paid $3 per download... its free for the user (they get a bible tool) and you get paid.  OR if you are in the "download tax forms" niche... you can send them to an hr block offer and get paid $9 per lead when they fill out a form. and of course you can get paid when they buy stuff, click on ads, ect...

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step5 Step Five: Get Some Traffic

Now that your blog is up and ready to go... all you have to do is get some targeted traffic.  You can get free traffic from google, yahoo, msn, facebook, ect... or you can buy traffic... your traffic method will be selected in step one and now all you have to do is implement it.

Once the traffic comes in... they will click on your offers and you will get paid :-) Simple Right...

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