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Before we get started there are a few things you should know...

First off...Yes... I Am Trying To Sell You My Blog Profit Network Training Course Because I Believe It Will Save You Time, Money, And Provide The Missing Pieces So You Can Finally Start Making Money Online...

Now that we have that out of the way I am going to give you tons of free content so that you know this is for real and is exactly what you have been missing. 

You will notice that from time to time I will be emailing you killer videos, reports, and other great content to help you make money online... so keep an eye out for emails from "Marcus Campbell" - that's me :o) this isn't like the other guys where everyone emails a bunch of stuff hoping you will buy... my emails and videos are carefully constructed to help you learn how to run a profitable blog business...

They will look something like this...



Be Sure To Check Your Email Tomorrow For My Special 70 Page Marketing Manual That Sold Over 2,500 Copies And Has Been Helping People Just Like You Profit Online Since 2008...

From time to time I will recommend some things and you may buy them because they will help you make more money but hey, it cost a lot of money and time to run this site and its only fair to receive compensation and promise I will only recommend things that I use personally.

Secondly, you will soon find out that I'm not a fancy "guru" trying to get you to fork over your money for some crappy ebook... I am here to build a team of SERIOUS marketers who want to make money at this business - if you are serious about learning this business and being an affiliate marketer you are welcome to join my team... If you are not serious and really don't want to do the work it takes to be a success online... please save your time and money and go somewhere else. will see that I'm actually a pretty laid back, nice guy and I really genuinely care about helping my students... that's why I actually try to respond to all your emails, that's why I have a phone number for you to call, and that's why I encourage your questions.

My whole belief is that there is plenty of money in the affiliate marketing industry to go around. 

This is a fun and exciting business that will completely change your life if you are up for it... I for one love being able to make as much as I want, work from home, and enjoy time with my family.

So... Sit Back... Relax... And Watch These Free Videos - starting with this one...

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Is Starting An Internet Business Really Going to Cost Me?

You Can Get Started With Less Than $100 If You Want.... That's What I Did!  The key is to invest in yourself... invest in what you can learn and how you can apply what you learn.  Don't look for the "next big thing" or the "magic bullet" they don't exist.  Find someone you trust and like learning from... and follow them :o)

Are There Any “Hidden Fees” In Your Program?

The Only Extra Thing You Will Need Is Web Hosting For Your Site (You Can Get This At $9 For Unlimited Sites) Everything Else Is Included... I May Recommend Some Paid Tools (but I have free versions of everything you need) 

How Do I Find A Niche That Isn’t Over Saturated With Marketers?

Inside your blog profit network program I go over this in detail... there are literally thousands of keywords you can use that other marketers haven't even begun to saturate... there is a list of 25 of these in your members area... and I have another list of over 5,000 of them on my desk. - If you need help finding your niche, order simple sites, then call me and I will personally help you find your niche so you can start right away.

How Do I Get Paid?

On your blog profit desktop software click "top profit centers" that will give you a list of all the companies i work with to get the best offers and the best payouts... they take good care of us.  the money comes from advertisers thru these networks.  you can get paid for a sale, a trial offer, when someone fills out a form, when someone clicks an ad, and even when people download stuff online... that's my favorite :-)

Can This Really Work For Someone Who Isn’t “Internet Savvy?"

Yes! If you are willing to do the work and learn my step by step process I will take you by the hand and show you how to do everything in an easy yet effective way.

Can This still Work even if I have very little time?

Yes... there are little things i can show you that take about 15 minutes a day that can start making money for you right now.

If You Are So Wonderful At Making Money With Your Simple Blogs... Why Did You Start Teaching?

i get asked this one a lot and the answer is kinda funny.  up until about the year 2008 i had been quietly making profits with my simple sites and one day a friend of mine asked me if i would do a live training with him because his presenter had backed out.  after the training the people liked what i said so much that they were looking for something to buy. and i really enjoyed teaching them as well.  so i made a product and started helping people like you get where they need to be as an internet marketer.  i still run my simple sites and teach so now i have several streams of income and i get to see peoples lives changed by my product.

so its a win win... you get real information and a coach that cares... i get to have fun helping you and make some money too.

if you like this stuff and can already tell we will be a good fit...

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I'm Looking Forward To Working With You Soon,

PS: I'm a real person and I provide real support.   Heck I'm even on live chat from time to tome.  If you have questions... just ask.

PPS: You should have another email from me by now... go check your inbox for another cool video and some bonuses.

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